Trading: My Turn, Trading, Lda

Headquartered in Lisbon and with branches in the Main Cities of Europe, America, and South Africa, it works with a private bank that grants it guarantees for predetermined and previously agreed periods, facilitating the flow of requisitioned goods to the country, on the basis of greater confidence, while at the same time providing a quick, safe and personalized delivery.

Agente Transitário no Exterior: GlobaLog

This agent abroad is the freight forwarder with whom we also have agreements and who has access to a large volume of shipowners and shipping agents, always guaranteeing the possibility of adding a very advantageous commercial proposal in terms of prices and a abbreviated and honorable delivery.

Globalog Transitários SA has one of its main markets with the Palops, it is one of the leaders in air and sea transport in Portugal in terms of the amount of cargo transported since 2008.


Our company is the exclusive agent of UOL UNITE OCEAN LINE MEMBERS.

Being represented on 5 continents, UOL allows us to control shipments from the aforementioned countries to any port or airport of destination through our headquarters in Lisbon, from contact with the supplier to the arrival of the goods

They have their own customs warehouses in Lisbon and Porto, which allow direct control of the goods without intermediaries, providing the respective pre-shipment monitoring.

Group Companies


Agente Transitário de Navegação, Nacional: NDS Transitário, Lda

It is a Freight Forwarder from the Holding Nile Duths Line, but constituted 100% - Angolan law and that operates in the area of ​​goods transit at an International and national level, being able to create excellent coordinates and connections with the partner Globalog and beyond, promoting always a greater dynamic, in the barriers against time, being able to even create quite competitive and satisfactory alternatives, mainly in the attempt to undo delays in the emerging scales of ships for transhipment and internal transit, namely, for; Cabinda, Soyo, Lobito and Namibe, always with the aim of prioritizing deliveries.

NDS-Transitário, Lda also uses other companies with which it has agreements, such as Maersk, Niber, Delmas, SDV Ami, Seatrading, as well as other shipping agencies and local shipowners. Whenever necessary, you can also resort to air transport, as there is also a framework of collaboration agreement pre-established by partnerships with international companies, such as TAAG, TAP, SABENA, AIR FRANÇA, BRITISH AIRWAIS, and many more, to achieve the objectives of deliveries within the recommended deadlines, always thinking about the well-being of those who are served.