More than 10 years of experience and excellence.

Innovation and dynamism

Team work

Customer satisfaction at all levels

Continuous learning and improvement

JBC Despachante oficial applies all modernization and organization concepts daily, implementing all the good practices of Quality ISO 9000:2000 – Quality Management Systems – ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9004:2000.

Management ensures that the customer's requirements are understood and met, with the aim of achieving maximum customer satisfaction.

To confirm the fulfillment of the requirements and its objectives, the company has carried out a measurement of customer satisfaction.

The company's quality management is based on the awareness of its employees for a culture of continuous improvement in the current market.

  • The monitoring, measurement and analysis of the processes will be carried out in accordance with the established requirements.
  • The actions necessary to achieve the planned results and the continuous improvement of the quality management system should be identified as part of the priority responsibilities of the governing body.

Management provides evidence of its commitment to development by implementing the quality management system at all levels and in all areas of the company's activity, towards self-improvement and absolute sustainability.

Its basic concept to reach the maximum exponent of its productivity with efficiency and satisfaction of those we serve, to excel above all in the self-improvement of its quality, not only as a mere control of results, but as a review process for the renewal of competences, allowing for a certainty of fidelity, leading to greater trust and increasing customer satisfaction.


  • Conquer the market in all its fullness across the country.
  • Satisfying customer needs by striving for excellent service.
  • Improve organizational procedures as well as technologies used to enable and record all work performed by the company in an accessible way, both in the provision of services and in the commercialization of means necessary for the work activity.

All newly employed employees are given initial training in health and safety at work.

Customer Complaint:

To better satisfy the customer, the company has found that the better knowing their opinions, the better we will satisfy them. So we use the following tools:

Letters of Complaints and Compliments as well as any information about customer satisfaction and survey results will be communicated to all workers if possible will be posted publicly.

All preventive actions, analysis of complaints received and corrective actions taken must be recorded and archived.

Internal Audit:

Periodic audits are carried out on the basis of an annual internal audit program approved by the company's top manager. Audits are carried out in part or in the entire system, ensuring that all elements are covered, as a means of ensuring the adequacy of the Quality Management System.

Auditors must be accompanied during the visits, with the company's complaints file and observe if corrective actions and procedures have been adopted.

Assignments of organizational areas and units in view of pre-established strategies.

The organization shall continually improve the effectiveness of the quality management system

The work environment must comply with the norms of the Health, Safety and Environment System, supported by the internal regulation and quality manual.

Any work or material in which inefficiencies are detected in relation to the specified requirements will give rise to an investigation and analysis of the causes of non-conforming services and measures will be taken to prevent the recurrence of these non-conformities.

After identifying non-conformities in accordance with customer complaints, preventive actions or appropriate corrective actions are established for the handling of customer complaints.

Non-conformities detected during internal audits are recorded and sent to the sectors where they were identified.

Non-conforming services will in turn be classified as:

  • Service that deserves review for compliance with requirements.
  • Service to reject and file.

It is the company's commitment to foresee and avoid possible non-conformities. In order to prevent them from happening, a periodic internal audit calendar has been created within the company, as well as periodic meetings with the surrounding teams.

A deadline is established for the preparation of corrective actions. The result of the internal audit is duly recorded, allowing its recovery and evaluation in the meetings of critical analysis of the quality management system.

After identifying any cause of non-compliance, corrective actions are taken to definitively eliminate such anomalies in the course of the processes.

Corrective actions are motivated by:

  • Customer Complaints.
  • Inspection Report.