With the Jorge Batista Cunha - Despachante Oficial all harbor it's safe.

About Us

All our services respect ethical principles, putting our clients' interests at the forefront.


Overcoming ourselves is our motto. Because only in this way we guarantee the due quality in the services we provide.


Lovers of professionalism and innovation, we define each customer as the most important thing! We work tailored, not in series.

JBC Despachante

Our mission is to improve and encourage the expansion and internationalization of our customers. With the services we provide, we guarantee our partners complete trust and comfort.

About Us

JBC Despachante Oficial is a young company created in October 2010, but which has extensive experience with many years of activity in the National and Foreign market, JBC has a Customs consultancy, specialized in special regimes and of services to companies in the Oil and Gas, Naval Industry, Maritime Support, Geophysics and related industries, has been offering services with quality, agility and transparency, carried out by a professional and capable team to attend and resolve each customs operations process.

With around 90% of its activity, implemented in the execution and provision of Customs services, together with the industry at the Malongo Customs Delegation - Cabinda and the Kwanda Customs Delegation - Soyo, with customs clearance of goods in various modalities of clearance and customs regimes.

Jorge Baptista da Cunha

Official Broker and Administrator of JBC Official Broker, with the number of Cédula 03018 series B, authorized according to number 2 of article 36 of the Customs Code, in conjunction with Circular, nº 164/GETA/DNA/2007 a to carry out Customs Clearance activities throughout the national territory, being registered with the Chamber of Official Brokers of Angola, in the CAE - Business Support Center / Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He worked for more than twelve years with the Official Dispatcher Henrique Baptista da Cunha, who brought in his curriculum, about 50 years of experience in the sector. And it was from whom he received the testimony, not only of the "Know-how" of the Customs and Transit matter, of the Management and Financial Capacity, of the honorable diplomacy and collaboration with the Customs Services, of the good working relationship with renowned Clients and mainly in the passage of trained staff with many years of information and valuable experience.