The Customer / Importer must send the following documents to the Customs Broker:

  1. 3 Ways of Bill of Lading (BL).

    • 1 Original copy for legalization of the BL to be delivered to the agency for the Countermarking, Manifest and good for Dispatch.
    • 1 original copy and 1 non-negotiable copy to the forwarder

  2. Declarations in 2 copies (documents required by the agency for the proper legalization of the BL).

    • Importer authorization for the broker and/or his assistant to validate the bill of lading (BL)
    • Issuing a Term of Responsibility where the Importer is responsible for returning the container.
    • Importer authorization for the forwarding agent and/or his assistant to carry out the taxation and customs clearance of the port container.

  3. The Importer must provide 2 original copies of the CNCA

    • 1 Original copy for legalization of the BL to be delivered to the agency
    • 1 Original copy to Customs

  4. The Importer must provide 2 original copies of the invoice, duly stamped and signed, for the proper licensing.

    In case the invoice has already been licensed, the client / Importer must pay attention to the validity period of the same, which is 60 days for Importation, counting from the date of issue.

  5. The customer / Importer must provide a copy of the updated taxpayer card that will be attached to the order at the time of submission.

  6. It will be necessary to issue a Declaration of Values ​​if the invoice is equal to or greater than 5,000.00 USD.

Obligations of the Dispatcher

The Customs Broker, as soon as he has all the documentation gathered or all the information related to the customs clearance to be carried out, must enter it in due time, that is, right after the confirmation of the ship's arrival in the Country, so that payments are avoided for container over-stay in Porto.

The clearance is submitted to Customs, after which the "Note for the Settlement of Customs Obligations" is issued, with a deadline for settlement of 10 working days.

The Importer is requested to provide the estimated values ​​through a Request for Funds for the settlement of the Note issued by Customs, port fees, taxation of the container, tax police.

If the amounts for the settlement of the payment note are available, a check will be issued promptly to the Single Account of the National Treasury.

After payment, Customs issues the DAR and the customs clearance note that will be sent to the Company to close the account with all the supporting documentation.

At the end, an invoice will be issued and sent to the Company for the purpose of collecting the Broker's fees and the expenses inherent to the dispatch.

A report can be made monthly or quarterly (finding values ​​to update accounting procedures).

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